I have combined my 18 years experience in website design and online marketing into a comprehensive course so you can learn the secrets to online success.

My fellow website designers will hate me for what I am doing, but I strongly believe that in order to have online success, you need to take full control over your most valuable marketing asset – YOUR WEBSITE.

But why are you doing this?

I was born and raised in Melbourne Australia, and have successfully run my own website development business for eighteen years both in Australia and in Canada.  I have seen a lot of changes in the website industry and now websites have become a lot easier for business people to create on their own,  but not without consequences, and it has become more crucial for businesses to learn how to design websites properly in order to succeed. If you fail to connect to your core market you will not attract the right clientele to your website and it will fail to reach it’s goals.

I get a real buzz out of helping others succeed online and so I have taken it one step further and passed on the techniques required to achieve that success.  We all have it in us to market our own businesses, so with a little guidance, I can show you how to unleash your inner marketer and create a stunning website for yourself.

You’ll be so proud of it, you’ll want to pin it to the fridge. 

Prior to my web development business, I was an Executive Chef in Australia and Canada and it was during my hospitality career that I discovered my burning desire to pass on my knowledge to younger chefs learning the trade.  I now feel that way about website design.  I want to pass on my knowledge to YOU, to give you the power to manage your own online world and make a difference.

Hold on to your hats!


Building your own website has just got a whole lot easier



Helping ordinary people, create extraordinary websites! 

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